Angelina Jolie Was at Cannes

Angelina Jolie and Jack Black were in Cannes promoting Kung Fu Panda 2 yesterday. Angelina looked amazing. More so than at those stuffy awards shows where she wears whatever the hell movie stars from the 50’s wore.

And if you hadn’t read, while she was at Cannes, she was asked about her newest tattoo. No one thought it was a big secret, especially Angelina, because she gave the interviewer a quizzical look like he was a complete imbecile.

“Well, if they know that it’s latitude and longitude they would have figured out quickly that it was Brad’s birthplace. It doesn’t take much investigation to figure that one out. It’s Shawnee, Oklahoma.”

Big non-mystery solved. I’m glad the interviewer asked because it’s not like he could have plugged the coordinates into Google maps or anything.

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