Arnold’s Mistress Threatened to go Public

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mistress, Mildred Patricia Baena (Patty), threatened to go public with their affair when Arnold fired from her job after decades of service to try and save his marriage with Maria Shriver. This is contrary to earlier reports that she quit only after meeting her goal of serving (servicing?) Arnold for 20 years. “Mildred did not retire.. she was working for Arnold and Maria until about four weeks ago,” a source told Radar.

Proving spite is a powerful motivator, Mildred, angry for being let go, wanted to tell the world that she and Arnold had a bastard son. “She admitted to friends how she finally wanted to tell the secret — that she had kept faithfully for 14 years — to the world.” Unclear is whether she went through with the plan or if this was the reason Arnold came clean.

What is clear is she was able to keep a secret for 14-years. Most women can’t do that. They always have to tell someone. That’s probably why there hasn’t been a woman president yet. She’d just blab to her hairdresser about the nuclear launch codes.

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10 years ago

Get that cash you pro lifer hoe

10 years ago

She was paid that is why she was quiet.  She hide her pregnancy from Arnie, fearing Arnie may want it aborted, she only told him about the child when child was already a toddler.  Conniving, deceitful, ugly ho.

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