Botox Mom’s Kid Taken Away From

In least surprising news of the day, child services investigated Kerry Campbell who admitted on Good Morning America last week to injecting her kid Britney with botox and getting her virgin waxes to prepare for beauty pageants. They have since taken the 8-year-old away. Kerry attempted to defend herself in the interview by claiming all the other pageant moms do it. When asked, Britney didn’t know what the botox was for until her mom reminded her.

“If you inject it in the face and it drifts to your throat, it can prevent you from swallowing. If it drifts to your breathing can stop breathing. In a young child, if you’re chronically using it on the face, it may actually change the shape of your face because your muscles interact with your bones to form what your face eventually looks like,” Besser said.

Britney is reportedly doing well but no other details were given. ABC News notes that this doesn’t mean Kerry is losing her kid. She may just be redirected to parenting classes or common sense classes where they teach you not to go on national tv and tell the world you stick needles full of cow protein in your 8-year-old’s face, you f**king retard.

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9 years ago

Take the kid away and STERILIZE that stupid, fucking mom…

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