Britney Spears Performed With Rihanna

If you missed the Billboard Awards last night, you didn’t miss much except for a few mediocre performances by overplayed artists such as this one from Rihanna and Britney Spears who performed “S&M.”

Rihanna started out the performance fine enough, sitting there while a bunch of hands rose from the floor and grabbed at her vagina. But then Britney waddled on stage and everything got awkward.

It was pretty much like when you throw a party and your mom walks in and tries to pole dance in front of your friends and all your friends laugh and clap either with her or at her. And then that one friend comes up to you and, in all seriousness, says he’d hit that. So, “aww, gross,” is how I meant to sum up the second-half of this video.

I’m also disappointed by Britney’s lack of enthusiasm at the pillow fight at the end.


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iMac Tayler
11 years ago

Bezus…these two…hold my hair please…

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