Jennifer Love-Hewitt is Looking For a New Man

Back in January, Jennifer Love-Hewitt told Ellen DeGeneres that she had already picked out three different Tiffany engagement rings she’d want a guy to propose to her with. It took about four months, but her incessant needling for marriage finally drove away her boyfriend at the time, Alex Beh. Us reports that they’ve been separated for a while.

“They haven’t been dating for a little while,” the rep adds.

Us first reported that Hewitt was dating actor-director Beh in late July 2010 following her March split from Ghost Whisperer costar Jamie Kennedy.

In the wake of her Beh breakup, “She’s doing well,” a pal tells Us.

They should just change the Forever Alone guy to a picture of Jennifer Love-Hewitt. Between the rings she’s pre-chosen, her expanding thighs and her antiquated notions of romance, she might as well give up and get some cats and a sewing machine right now.

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