Kate Upton is Nice, I Guess

I wasn’t getting all this sudden love for Kate Upton. It seemed to pop up out of nowhere. Yea, she’s hot, sexy and funny but those were just words and no one can jack off to words. That is to say, much like childbirth, I didn’t fully grasp this little miracle until I was presented with video evidence of it.

The reaction to both videos was the same. I got on my hands and knees and thanked whatever god is up there for not giving me a uterus. Contrary to popular belief, I would not look good as a woman no matter how many miles these legs go for. I mean, Kate Upton wasn’t even talking to me directly but I couldn’t stop giggling like a school girl every time she opened her mouth. She could have made those gutteral sounds deaf people make and my eyes would still turn into hearts. Oh and also, boobs.

She also knows how to Dougie.

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12 years ago

Spot on!!! Same here!!! Admire her a lot!!!

12 years ago

Might be Sean Penn`s next target.