Katy Perry is in Vanity Fair

Katy Perry is on the cover of the new Vanity Fair and if you’re curious, yes, all the Katy Perry cover criteria was met. Stupid outfit. Check. Display as much boobs as possible. Check. Photoshop. Check. Confusing interview. Check. Speaking of, here are a few choice quotes.

Her artichoke career: “My career is like an artichoke. People might think that the leaves are tasty and buttered up and delicious, and they don’t even know that there’s something magical hidden at the base of it. There’s a whole other side [of me] that people didn’t know existed.” — And much like the artichoke, no one cares.

On not having much of a religion: “I come from a very non-accepting family, but I’m very accepting,” Perry says of her religious beliefs as an adult. “Russell is into Hinduism, and I’m not [really] involved in it. He meditates in the morning and the evening; I’m starting to do it more because it really centers me. [But] I just let him be him, and he lets me be me.” Perry says she didn’t stick with the mold growing up. “I have always been the kid who’s asked ‘Why?’ In my faith, you’re just supposed to have faith. But I was always like…why?” she says. “At this point, I’m just kind of a drifter. I’m open to possibility…. My sponge is so big and wide and I’m soaking everything up and my mind has been radically expanded. Just being around different cultures and people and their opinions and perspectives. Just looking into the sky.” — People! Her sponge is so big and wide!

On her fame: “I don’t care what people say about my relationship; I don’t care what they say about my boobs. People are buying my songs; I have a sold-out tour. I’m getting incredible feedback from my music.” But despite her immense fame, Perry never forgets what it took to get to where she is. “I don’t take anything for granted,” she says. “There are 500 other girls right behind me. And I know that, because I was one of them. I remember what it’s like to be someone who’s always trying to get there—sending out tons of e-mails … trying to connect with some person who could connect me with some other person. And I wouldn’t be working at this pace now if I didn’t truly know that fame is fleeting.” — Don’t ever change, Katy Perry’s boobs.

How many years has it been since Katy Perry blew up? Can someone let me know how many emails it’s going to take to get this chick naked? Because I’ve been sending out a couple hundred a week and the only replies I’ve gotten are “how did you get my email address?” and “please stop sending me hand drawn pictures of naked Katy Perry.”

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Herman Bumfudle
10 years ago

lol. charlie! but, i’m a bit upset about how they’re treating our girl lindsay. she’s a sweetheart, not a racist. bytheway, you are much more beautiful in person.

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