Kirsten Dunst Thinks Lars von Trier is an Idiot

Kirsten Dunst, who won Best Actress for Melancholia at Cannes, was asked what she thought about Lars von Trier’s ban from the film festival as a result of his joke about Nazis. Despite him being the director, she thought it was justified.

Kirsten called him inappropriate and idiotic and that he paid for his comments. She added that she was pleased the festival and the jury “could see beyond his words” (gave me a shiny award). Actually, Kirsten seemed pretty indifferent to the whole thing. The glare from the award probably distracted her. “Yesss, yess, come to me my pretty,” Kirsten was muttering when she accepted her award.

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no go mo'
no go mo'
11 years ago

She’s not so bad…I can’t think of anything bad to say about her except her stink isn’t on my dick.

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