Mariah Carey Named Her Kids

Mariah Carey and Mr. Mariah Carey finally revealed the names for their twins who were born on Saturday. They named their son Moroccan Scott Cannon, nickname “Roc”. Scott is Nick Cannon’s middle anme and his grandmother’s maiden name.

The Moroccan comes from Mariah’s NYC apartment called the Moroccan Room and is also the place where Nick proposed.

Their daughter’s name is just Monroe Cannon. Monroe after Marilyn Monroe who “inspired” Mariah her whole life.

The daughter’s name is not that bad. But who the hell names their kid with an adjective? Also, who’s Scott Cannon and why is her kid the Moroccan version of him. Is it because he’s dark? This is terrible. He’s not even the original Scott Cannon. He has to be the Moroccan version of him. They made their baby a 2nd class citizen.

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