Olivia Wilde is Single, Talkative

Olivia Wilde is in the June issue of Glamour magazine. Posing in a bikini, she talks about what it’s like to be single for the first time in many years. Reports said she was looking to “sow her wild oats.” Olivia says she’s just looking for a little Olivia time.

“I’m opening up my heart to the idea of dating. It’s funny—my friends would always come to me for romantic advice, [but] I know nothing, and things have changed since I was dating in high school! I’m really trying hard to spend this time working on myself,” the beauty said.

And much like me, Olivia isn’t going to apologize for being smart and beautiful, advice her mother gave her long ago. “She’s gorgeous and she taught me that a real feminist doesn’t apologize for her beauty. You can be a sexy, beautiful woman and be the smartest person in the room.”

While she isn’t yet back on the market, she still enjoys making out with costars in movies. “I’ve been lucky to have chemistry with my costars, and I really enjoy pretend kissing. If you’re pretending to love each other, you’ve got to find something to fall in love with.”

Olivia Wilde and I should get together. We’re a lot alike. I too like to pretend kiss as well as engage in pretend foreplay and then have pretend sex followed by a round of pretend apologizing.

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