Paula Abdul Will Judge ‘X Factor’

Paula Abdul closed a last minute deal to become a judge on X Factor yesterday. She now joins LA Reid, Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole at the judge’s table. Former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger and UK tv persona Steve Jones will host.

A condition in her contract for her failed Live to Dance show almost prevented her from joining X Factor but that wasn’t the main issue because it had been resolved. The main issue was Paula who didn’t make a final decision until hours before the taping. Asked what the problem was, Abdul said, “I am here, only Simon and I understand.” Which is true. No one can decipher Paula’s incoherent rambling except for Simon.

I’m surprised when they asked Paula for comment, she didn’t just say, “The sky is blue. Coke. Muffins?” She’s a terrible judge. Nothing she says is ever relevant. It’s as if when people perform in front of her, she closes her eyes and just imagines what happens and comments on that.

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10 years ago

We missed the drug free induced hazes mixed with non alcoholic ramblings.LIFE IS GOOD

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