Paz de la Huerta is the newest woman to be featured in Esquire Magazine’s collaboration with the Me in My Place photographer whose series seems like a clever ruse to force himself into a girl’s house under a pretense and take pictures of them half naked. Man, I’ve been doing that for years but instead of contracts, I have to sign police reports. What gives? Paz tells Esquire about her place,

“It’s my aunt’s loft. But it’s really like my home. Because I had a lot of turmoil in my upbringing, and my home wasn’t really a safe place for me,” she confided. “So that place became my safe haven. I grew this bond with her that’s really been one of the most beautiful relationships of my life — a relationship that was a salvation for me.”

I take that to mean her house was a complete mess and she didn’t have time to clean it up. In her defense, you try keeping your place tidy when you’re always stumbling back drunk at 4 a.m. in the morning and puking all around the toilet.