The Royal Family Trying to Erase Pippa Middleton’s Topless Photos from the Net

This news is a few days old but I wanted to see if anything new would happen but nothing really did.

Fox News reports the Royal Family is rushing to get topless candids of the hot, single Pippa Middleton off the market. The photos, sold by her “friends,” show Pippa rinsing off her bikini on a boat. You can see them at Egotastic. It’s being said the entire family sees this as a betrayal.

Other pictures they are trying to get off the market include Pippa partying in a bra with a dude in only a pair of boxers. That has worked as Zuma Press has withdrawn them from the entire market.

In one photo, the Duchess of Cambridge’s near-nude brother-in-law had his hands down his boxers, in another, the cake-baker is completely naked—preserving his modesty by crossing his legs.
“James and Pippa are really embarrassed,” a friend told the paper. “How were they supposed to know when these pictures were taken that they would be put under such scrutiny?”

How could they have known? Kate and William were only dating since 2003. Sure they broke up briefly in 2007 but these were from 2006. Who could have foreseen people wanting to see a semi-famous cute girl with a nice ass topless? Weird.

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9 years ago

What a whore. She probably doesn’t even wear a bathing suit when she showers. I can see why a family that leeches off Britain’s taxpayers would have issue with side boob being shown of a sister or aunt or however the hell she’s related big Willy’s wifey. If anything this should be just the start of those douches repaying people that pay for all their crap.

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