Amy Winehouse Might Be Drunk Again

If wobbling out on stage, taking off her shoes and throwing them on the ground, crossing her arms and swaying in front of the mic while she drunkenly karaokes one of her songs during a Serbian concert is any indication, Amy Winehouse might be off the wagon again. She was so out of it during her set that, at one point, one of her background singers had to come over to the sing the rest of the song for her.

After being called the worst. concert. ever. in the history of Belgrade, and that’s saying a lot, Amy Winehouse has cancelled an appearance in Istanbul on Monday and in Athens on Wednesday. Amy’s rep admitted Amy “cannot perform to the best of her ability.”

Amy should have popped a squat in the middle of her set and held the mic to her crotch. If she’s going to perform like this, she might as well go out in a blaze of glory.

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