Charlie Sheen Lost His Last Goddess

Charlie Sheen’s last goddess, Natalie Kenly, finally realized she wasn’t getting 15 minutes of anything from Charlie so she packed up and left last week. She didn’t even get to keep the Mercedes Sheen bought her. Charlie isn’t too distraught though.

But still referring to himself in the third person, Sheen was cavalier about the split telling sources, it’s “not a common thing for the Masheen.”

And the ‘Masheen’ reportedly got to work no sooner than Kenly slammed his front door. The actor turned live tour talker turned his pad into a United Nations of sorts — bringing home women from Mexico, Australia and Colombia just hours after Kenly packed up and shipped out, sources told TMZ. That sounds like a healthy way to deal with the dissolution of a relationship, right? [Popeater]

Charlie Sheen is broke yet somehow manages to afford three escorts. He either must have a really good line of credit or he went with budget rent-a-hookers. Not a bad idea because, honestly, your prostitute doesn’t need ALL her teeth.

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Wah, wah, waaah
Wah, wah, waaah
13 years ago

She finally sobered up.