Ed Westwick Sounds Nice

Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick seems like a really nice guy. He and some friends were drinking tequila shots at Zinc Bar in Chelsea where he engaged in pleasantries with a fan. Well, not so much pleasantries as it was telling her to get lost and then laughing at her. Hm, I guess if you put it that way, he seems like sort of an asshole. Per Page Six,

When a blond fan approached the crew, Westwick, who plays bad boy Chuck Bass on the CW show, snapped “Get out of here!” His friend then ushered her out of the way, one source said, adding, “They all started laughing. It was really mean.”

Westwick and friends then moved to Westside Tavern where he turned into a meaner drunk.

“He unplugged the bar’s iPod without asking, plugged in his own, but didn’t press play,” the witness said. “We yelled to turn the music on. He screamed back, ‘Who the [bleep] are you?’ We told him to chill, and he said ‘No, no, no. Who the [bleep] are you?’ “

In Ed’s defense, maybe he really wanted to know who the guy was and it just came out harsh because he was really excited to make new friends.

Or maybe not because soon after, he insulted a brunette who asked him to leave. Her boyfriend didn’t like that and yelled, “What the [bleep] did you just say?” The two took it outside where they shoved each other for a while and then left. “They were shoving each other. No punches were thrown. My friend’s husband pushed them a little bit and then they just took off.”

Wow. That confrontation just fizzled out. I’ve seen more exciting stand-offs at a Dungeons and Dragons tournament.

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12 years ago

Headlines today, bottom of the bird cage tomorrow.