Emma Stone Seems Cool

Emma Stone did an interview with Vanity Fair and she seems like a pretty cool girl. She still sounds modest and uncomfortable/ignorant about fame which makes her endearing. Enjoy it while it lasts because that coke habit will come soon enough.

On fame: “Sometimes people recognize me,” Stone says of her public profile, “but they’re more like, ‘Oh, hey!’” – Probably because people start getting her confused with Lindsay Lohan and aren’t sure who she is, only that she’s famous.

On paparazzi: “He stands up while I’m walking to my car and is like, ‘Hey, Emma! Listen, I’m going to delete these pics. Here’s my card,” Stone recalls of a recent encounter with a paparazzo. “’If you ever go to the beach with your friends or walk out of your house in your pajamas, call me.’” Stone, confused, refused his card. “He’s like, ‘But I’m deleting these pictures, see?’ … These guys try to strike up a deal with you so you feel like they’re your friend. I didn’t even know that was a thing—that people would call them.” – Wow. What a big favor. You deleted photos of her walking to her car. She owes you her life now. Does this ever work?

On personal details: Stone, who rarely tweets and shut off her Facebook account after she “got addicted to FarmVille,” admits to Wolfe that she is still grappling with certain aspects of being in the public eye—dating, for one. “Talking about this stuff is pretty new,” Stone, who won’t say if she is single or not, says of being asked by the press about her personal life. The actress concludes that “the only solution I’ve come to when it comes to things like that—the health of my family or dating, really personal things—is not to talk about it.” – Ok. But how will I know who she’s having sex with? I and the people MUST KNOW!

On Hollywood pressures: As for the pressure in Hollywood to stay thin, while Stone allows that “I’m definitely more conscious of it as I’ve gotten older,” she says that she has not succumbed to extreme celebrity fad diets. “That diet, have you seen it?” Stone asks of the popular trainer to the stars Tracy Anderson’s recommended diet. “It’s like: Eat this diet, which is a palm-size piece of chicken and some beans, and work out two hours a day for the rest of your life.” – That’s what all the fatties say.

Stone goes on to describe how she got into acting. That she dropped out of high school, moved to LA, worked in a dog bakery cooking inedible treats for canines and jokes about an addiction to black tar heroin. Oh, and she talks about the time, in the middle of her audition, she overheard how she lost out on the part of Claire Bennet on Heroes to Hayden Panettiere.

Stone tells Wolfe that she still remembers what she considers her hardest Hollywood moment, an audition for NBC’s Heroes. “I could hear that, in the other room, a girl had just gone in and they were saying, ‘You are our pick … On a scale of 1 to 10 you’re an 11,’” Stone recalls, before Hayden Panettiere—who ended up with the role of Claire Bennet—walked out of the room. “I went home and just had this meltdown,” Stone says, calling the experience “rock bottom.”

That may have been a blessing in disguise. Compare Hayden Panettiere’s career to Emma Stone’s career. Hayden did four years of Heroes and then a couple movies including Scream 4. While Hayden was doing that, Emma was in Superbad, The House Bunny, Zombieland and was nominated for a Golden Globe for Easy A. Now she’s playing Gwen Stacy in the new Spider-Man movie. I’m pretty sure in the grand scheme of things, Emma is the big winner.

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