Halle Berry Still Going Through With Custody Battle

Back in February, Halle Bery and her ex, Gabriel Aubry, were said to have reached a truce over the custody battle of their 3-year-old daughter Nahla. Turns out that may have been a ruse to buy Halle’s lawyer some time to come up with a list of reasons Aubry is a bad father.

TMZ says a few minutes ago, Halle’s lawyer filed “a very thick stack of documents outlining trouble she’s had with Gabriel.” The documents “lists Gabriel’s failings as a dad.”

It would be cool if Halle was as crazy as people made her out to be and the document just looked like:

1. He’s an asshole
2. He’s an asshole

and so on until item 100 which calls Gabriel a “stupid asshole.”

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9 years ago

Shes an asshole
like all Leo people…impossible to please
she sux

Herman Bumfudle
9 years ago

that’s ridiculous! its not even his kid. seriously dude, just take your babysitting money and go home.

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