Jesse James and Kat Von D’s Engagement Is Off?

A series of tweets and insidery info have lead many to believe that the Cinderella love story between cheating Jesse James and fame whoring Kat Von D may very well be over. Everybody all at once now. Awww.

A source tells Life & Style that Jesse has been telling friends it’s over between he and Kat explaining that there’s too much drama.

Tweets between the two have helped further the rumor.

“I guess I was trying to take too much from the world. Funny how things go from amazing to s–t in the blink of an eye,” Jesse tweeted on June 5. “I have no regrets,” Kat tweeted the same day. [L&S]

Whatever. These two would have lasted at most 1 year before they got fed up with each other. The Roadrunner and Wil E. Coyote could last longer together than these two.

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no mo'
no mo'
12 years ago

The firestorm of so many STDs coming into contact with each other can produce a near nuclear meltdown.  For the love of God…(I just hope that fuckstick didn’t infect his ex with that s**t)