Lady Gaga Wet Her Pants

WENN got their hands on footage of Lady Gaga performing in concert in May 2010 at the GelreDome in Holland where she allegedly pulled a Fergie. Meaning, she peed her pants on stage.

WENN reports (via Popeater) Gaga was halfway through ‘Alejandro’ when she pissed herself. One of the male dancers then picked her up and paraded her across stage while urine streamed down her outfit.

Fans didn’t seem to notice or care as they continued to cheer. I think they should have made a bigger deal out of it though. I hear the best way to housebreak a Lady Gaga is to rub her nose in her mess and yell, “NO!”

Censored preview footage below.

  • Nate Fanfare

    Like Dr. Dre? Or Dr. Teeth? Or Dr. John?

  • Atomic Rat

    Why do the squirrels who make a bunch of money for doing basically nothing then have to turn into some spiritual quackery bullshit like this? And women are the fucking worst.

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