Lindsay Lohan Won’t Go to Jail, Can Drink Whenever

Lindsay Lohan showed up to court today to answer for testing positive for alcohol. There were rumors she may have been sent to jail for it but I think that was more of a joke.

This morning, Judge Stephanie Sautner ruled that the previous judge, Elden Fox, only ordered controlled substances testing from January 3 to February 25. The probation department can now no longer test Lindsay for drugs or alcohol because there’s no court order allowing them. Ergo, Lindsay is free to drink as much as she wants.

Another point of contention was the party threw at her Venice Beach condo. That irked the judge a little because Lindsay is supposed to be under house arrest. As a result, the judge ordered no parties at her house and restricted her to one friend at a time at her house including family members. If you think about it, parents ground their kids with harsher rules than this.

So Lindsay’s punishment was to go to jail for stealing a necklace but due to overcrowding and LA being a town of celebrity ass kissers, she ended up only having to serve a month under house arrest which was supposed to mimic jail. Except, it really didn’t because she could still do interviews, photoshoots, shoot commercials, have parties and drink alcohol. I’m surprised the judge didn’t give Lindsay a new Bentley to show she means business.

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