Maria Shriver Could Net $100m From Divorce

Arnold Schwarzenegger banged his maid 10 years ago, had a secret love child with her and now his wife, Maria Shriver, is all like “I want a divorce.” Women. Amirite?

Anyway, the divorce is most likely happening and Maria Shriver’s payout could be close to $100 million. One third of Arnold’s estimated net worth of $300 million. But you protest that California is a 50/50 state?

“If Arnold is worth $300 million, than Maria is likely to get $100 million. One third of that was probably money Arnold earned before he got married. So she would get half of $200 million because in the state of California it’s 50/50,” he explains. [Hollywood Life]

A lawyer Hollywood Life talked to also says you have to take into account the 25 years of marriage, the fact Maria gave up her journalism career and Maria’s support ($$$).

“The fact that Maria gave up her career as a journalist to fully support Arnold’s career cannot be overlooked. They will look at how she contributed to his career,” she says.

“He could not have gotten to where he is without her support. The reason Arnold is worth so much is because he was married to Maria. Yes, a portion of his net worth comes from his body building days and acting career, but Maria took him to a whole other level, and the opportunity for income that he has today is in large part because of his marriage to her.”

She adds, “The court will also look at earning capacity. Who in the future will have the greater capacity to earn money? And it’s quite apparent that he does and because of this, Maria should be entitled to a portion of these future earnings.”

Let’s not forget about those four kids either. Apparently $10,000 a month per child is a reasonable amount for child support. They say you have to factor in education and health care, but wait, let’s do the math, 4 x $10,000/month = $480,000/year. I know families with four kids who don’t even make a 1/4 of that who survive fine.

“Maria wants to ensure that she gets a fair settlement and that her children’s future is secure — that is all she cares about, period,” a source close to Maria told RadarOnline.

After 25 years of marriage, you’d think Arnold would also want to make sure his children’s future is secure. Unless he’s a total asshat. Which might be the case considering he unleashed Jingle All the Way onto the world.

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oh no mo'
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