Nicolas Cage’s Son Might Be Insane

Weston Cage, son of Nic Cage, was put on a possible 5150 psychiatric hold after getting violent with his personal trainer when he was told he couldn’t order a certain item on the menu at an LA restaurant.

Weston and his trainer went to The Farmer’s Kitchen in Hollywood at around 4 p.m. yesterday. His trainer told him he couldn’t order a particular item off the menu causing Weston to go off, push his trainer violently and at one point, even attempt to roundhouse kick the trainer.

His trainer took him down while someone else tried to calm him but no one can calm a Cage down when they lose their sh*t. Weston continued to freak out.

When cops showed up, they threatened to tase him if he didn’t get on the ground. He did. He was then cuffed, but worried he was unstable, they strapped him to a gurney and sent him to the hospital for a  mental evaluation.

Restaurant employees are convinced Weston was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Obviously they haven’t seen any of Nic Cage’s movies and don’t realize this is pretty standard.

Nic Cage has since cleared his schedule and is staying in town as long as Weston needs.

Another source says Weston got into a big argument with his new wife Tuesday morning and she stormed out of the house. I knew it. It’s always a woman’s fault.

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10 years ago

He certainly looks like a nut case, or I should say a nut cage :P

He looks more like Alice Cooper’s son

The Blemish
10 years ago
Reply to  David_Wine

That crossed with Bam Margera

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