OctoMom Is Having a Bikini Car Wash Fundraiser

What do you do when your fame runs out, you’ve squandered all the money you’ve made off of popping 8 kids out of your vagina and no doctor will put another litter in you? You hold a bikini car wash to save your house, that’s what.

Nadya Suleman, Octomom, is doing just that. She’s enlisting a bunch of D-listers like Charlie Sheen’s porn star Capri Anderson, Tila Tequila, Reggie Bush’s mistress January Gessert and Mel Gibson’s mistress Violet Kowal to help her in her quest. A car wash will run you $20 or $30 for SUVs.

This sounds like a good deal. I can’t think of anything better to spend $20 on than to have a no-name D-lister scratch up my car with her fake tits. It’s for a good cause. As legend has it, if fame whores don’t get attention regularly, they wither away like Jennifer Aniston’s womb.

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11 years ago

…and instead of having lot’s of babies, just suck the man’s penis like this…

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