Ryan Reynolds Looked Like a Vietnamese Girl Up Until 18

Ryan Reynolds was on Conan Thursday to promote Green Lantern (which is obviously poised to be number one at the box office come Monday). He told Conando that he wasn’t always so ridiculously good looking. At least not to women. Ugh. Another one of those I didn’t used to always be good looking stories.

“Up until I was like 18, I looked like a Vietnamese girl,” said Ryan. Unfamiliar with that stereotype, I looked up “Vietnamese girl” on Google image search and, except for a couple of pictures, he sounded pretty hot. I bet all the guys wanted to do him. Especially his principal who he described as looking “like an online predator who lost his computer.”

Ryan also admitted to accidentally falling on a girl he liked during volleyball practice just to get close to her. “And just a few years later, that’s illegal. That’s straight up inappropriate.” Wait, what? *Gets up off girl on the ground, pulls up gym shorts, runs away*

He also admitted to being suspended and ultimately expelled. He smirked, “As though sitting at home all day masturbating to Spanish soap operas is supposed to teach me a lesson.” Wow, Ryan Reynolds. He’s just like us! Or like me yesterday afternoon at least.

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