Shenae Grimes Gives a Red Carpet One Finger Salute

Shenae Grimes, 90210, threw another hissy fit on the red carpet. This time while attending the Persol Magnificent Obsessions exhibition in New York.

Reports say Shenae was uncooperative with her publicist and would only wear the product they were getting her to promote for only a few photos. She then yelled at photogs, refused to walk the red carpet and flipped everyone off. She seems nice. Who can blame her? She’s sixth lead on a CW network tv show! She can do whatever she wants. Although, she is sort of smiling while giving the finger. Maybe she was playing around?

Earlier last week, Grimes had another temper tantrum when a journalist asked her about co-star Trevor Donovan’s (Teddy Montgomery) decision to quit the show. Turns out this was the first time she heard about it. “Her face dropped. It was clear she was not aware of the news,” says a source.

She then “started making calls on the red carpet, holding back the tears. She was heard on the phone saying it was ‘unprofessional for cast members not to be formally notified when a change of this magnitude occurs’.”

Apparently one of the prerequisites for becoming a teen actor is being completely irrational. That attitude should go over real well during her internship at Teen Vogue. They love that there!

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