Tara Reid Off Terrorizing Walgreens’ Parking Lots

Tara Reid is currently in Atlanta filming the new American Pie reunion movie and it’s easy to confuse her with a vagrant because she does stuff like wander around a Walgreens parking disheveled while pushing her dog in a shopping cart and stopping people to ask where the “nearest Mexican restaurant is.”

The disheveled-looking actress stopped two strangers in a Walgreens parking lot over the weekend, a source said, to ask where the “nearest Mexican restaurant was. She was wearing torn jeans and a pink hoodie, despite the 90-degree heat. She was pushing a shopping cart with her dog in it.” While Reid’s parking-lot pals gave her directions, a Walgreens manager emerged and ordered Reid to return her cart. “She whined, ‘I’m just borrowing it,’ ” our amused spy said. But Atlanta, it seems, isn’t Hollywood. “Ma’am, please, we don’t have that many,” said the clerk, whom Reid argued with before ditching the cart, grabbing the dog, and storming off. [Page Six]

That’s it. I tap out. There’s nothing more I can add to make this depressing story any more amusing. It even ends perfectly with the store manager begging her to give back one of the few shopping carts they had which she had no doubt painstakingly converted into a doggy stroller.

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