Taylor Momsen Had Fun

Taylor Momsen looked like she had a really good time after the after party for Metal Hammer Golden God Awards at Embassy in London over the weekend. Her girlfriend had to help her in the car and then later had to help her into bed when she rented Taylor out to some guy. That last part didn’t happen by the way but it’d be cool if it did because these pictures are boring.

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12 years ago

I find this little girl to be completely repulsive. I do not understand the fascination with her. Looks like she needs a good ass whippin’, to get her back to reality.

Nocturnus Libertus
Nocturnus Libertus
11 years ago

The person who wrote this is COMPLETELY pathetic. As well as anyone who could stomach calling themselves “NayNay” wtf is that? Good luck spewing hatred from the safety of the internet, just note, I’m a better writer than you’ll EVER be.