The ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Here to Stay

Us earlier reported, with TMZ confirming, that the entire cast of MTV’s wildly popular Jersey Shore would be replaced with a brand new one next season. This was presumably because Snooki and The Situation’s salary costs MTV too much. Around $100,000 episode. Plus, many of the cast are getting their own spin-off shows. I think I’m going to be sick.

But contract negotiations seem to be going well because MTV is now denying reports Jersey Shore will be recast. MTV also says the spin-offs won’t dilute the franchise. Whew. What a relief.

“I have to say, again, they feel very different from Jersey Shore and each of these cast members has so much more depth and different sides and layers to them than you see on Jersey Shore,” he said. “I think it allows us to expand out from the base of Jersey Shore without taking away from what Jersey Shore is. They would continue to be involved in any potential future cycles of Jersey Shore. That’s really a different experience because they’re on vacation and it’s a group dynamic.”

Oh whatever. Everyone on the Jersey Shore has at most two layers of depth. The first being drunk and the second being not drunk yet. A goldfish has more depth than the Jersey Shore cast.

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10 years ago

think dats gud

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