Weston Cage Didn’t Go Off Because He Couldn’t Order From the Menu

Originally, Kevin Villegas, the guy who punched Nic Cage’s son Weston in the face 13 times, was thought to be Weston’s bodyguard and only subdued him because Weston went after him with a high kick after Kevin told him he couldn’t order a particular item off a menu.

Now TMZ reports a different story. They say Kevin Villegas has actually worked for Nic Cage for five years and his main job is looking after Weston. Like a real life Mr. Nanny!

Weston went missing last Tuesday so Nic told Kevin to track him down and bring him home. Kevin found Weston in LA but Weston “was resistant and aggressive — even threatening to rip off Kevin’s ‘Christian f**king head.'” Believe me, ripping off Christian heads is no easy task.

Consequently, Kevin called 911. This set Weston off. Realizing the cops were coming, he went crazy and hit Kevin with a roundhouse kick. Kevin, who served with the U.S. military, “feared for his life because Weston is a highly-trained fighter and attacked Cage with a flurry of punches.”

They may want to take out “highly” from before “trained fighter” because highly-trained fighters usually have the ability to fight back. From the video that was released, it looked like Weston just lay there confused while some big muscled dude pounded his face. Ask your mom if you want to know how that feels. She can probably relate.

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