Weston Cage’s Bodyguard Beat Him

The man who punched Weston Cage 13 times in the head was previously thought to be his personal trainer. Now reports indicate he may be Weston Cage’s former high school wrestling coach, Kevin Villegas, who had been hired to protect him. In essence, he was his bodyguard.

Although, Kevin may not have understood what being a bodyguard entailed. Hint: It did not entail punching your client in the face so many times that they need eight stitches for facial injuries and a head and brain trauma evaluation.

“He deliberately provoked Weston,” one source said of Villegas. “And he wouldn’t stop even though people were telling him to.” obtained new details of the sickening beating. “He (Villegas) could have easily subdued Weston,” the source said. “Weston was defenseless.“

Radar notes that in addition to wrestling, Kevin also had martial arts expertise. Apparently he was very skilled in the art of “Take Nic Cage’s Son Down and Clobber Him With Your Ham Fists-kune-do.” It’s an ancient art that’s been passed down from generation to generation of Cage protectors.

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