Aw, God Damnit, I Should Have Been In Line

If you were one of the Twihards (Twitards)? who were lined up at 6 a.m. at Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center for today’s Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn panel, you would have met a few of the stars which included Julia Jones, Booboo Stewart and Ashley Greene (boinnnng-oing-oing-oing). That’s amazingly brave of them considering how many mentally unstable and hormonal teens are in line right now.

“We did panels and stuff like that [before] but this definitely started off a lot more interesting, to have interaction with the fans bright and early this morning,” said Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen. “I think we feel a really large amount of respect for our fans. It’s kind of amazing they found something they’re so passionate about, and it happens to be something we put all our heart and soul into.”

New Twilight cast members Julia Jones and Booboo Stewart got their fan introduction at the height of their Comic-Con intensity. “This is my first time in San Diego and I kind of this sense that we’re in for a lot,” Jones said. “I don’t know exactly what it is, although yesterday I was walking around and saw people dressed as all kinds of things, like fruit ninjas.” [StarPulse]

Maybe it’s best I didn’t line up. It’d be kind of weird standing in line with a bunch of pre-pubescent girls not to mention a violation of my probation. Then there’s the fact that if Ashley Greene had came over to me, I would have humped her leg so hard it would have fractured in three places.

Besides, Twilight fans are incredibly weird. Not just because they’re so in love with the series that they’ll overlook how terrible each movie is but because some of the 40-year-olds fantasize about little boy bodies.

Elizabeth Reaser has experienced that too. “The weirdest encounters I have are when people are asking me about the young men’s bodies,” Reaser said. “When Taylor [Lautner] was still a boy and much older ladies would be talking to me about his body, it was just really inappropriate.”

Whatever. Lighten up Elizabeth Reaser. You act like you haven’t imagined what a shirtless Taylor Lautner looked like at 13. Pfft, I say to you.

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