Brett Rogers Beat Up His Wife

While Brett Rogers isn’t a Hollywood celebrity, he is a somewhat notable MMA fighter who recently competed in Strikeforce’s Heavyweight Tournament losing to Josh Barnett. He hasn’t had a notable win since knocking out Andrei Arlovski in 2009.

Anyway, Rogers was arrested and jailed on on Thursday after assaulting his wife. Granted, assault is putting it mildly. It was more like an annihilation. I’m not good with numbers but this might be 100 times worse than what Chris Brown did.

MyFox says he strangled his wife, punched her repeatedly in the head and face and that she lost a tooth in the struggle. Rogers said he had been drinking and began arguing with his wife. She supposedly punched him and he retaliated. Rogers, by the way, is 6’4”, 258lbs. Also, his wife is named Tijauna Rogers. Oh. My. God.

According to the full report, Rogers’ neighbor witnessed him punching his wife, T.R., multiple times in the head and face as she lay on the ground. Another neighbor saw T.R. with blood streaming down her face and mouth and noticed she was missing a tooth. Rogers’ nine-year old daughter said she heard her parents yelling, went to the kitchen and saw her father pushing her mother multiple times up against a kitchen cabinet. His ten-year old daughter heard the shouting and claimed he had struck the children within the last two years.

T.R. was found walking by a nearby school. She had noticeable injuries on her face including a golf ball size bump over her left eyebrow, a bump on her right eyebrow and one in the middle of her forehead, injuries to her ears and jaw, along with blood on her face and a missing tooth. She also had injuries to her neck and back. T.R. denied she had been assaulted and said she just fell. What the hell did she fall in? A trash compactor? A MMA cage?

T.R. later told cops that she and Rogers were arguing when he grabbed her around the neck with both hands and squeezed. She escaped into the backyard but Rogers followed and started ground and pounding her until she blacked out. At the hospital, her ears had swollen into a “cauliflower ear” look. T.R. didn’t want Rogers charged with assault because she didn’t want to get him in trouble. This is the part where you shake your head and sigh.

And of course someone edited his Wikipedia page to reflect his biggest win since Ruben Villareal. He won KO of the night apparently but he’s since been cut by the UFC (who owns Strikeforce now) effective immediately. What’s up with that? I bet you anything the ref in this fight was Cecil Peoples.

  • Darius_chanel

    just a looser

  • Trewaas

    Just shoot the looser

  • Trewaas

    Just shoot the looser

  • Reality

    More than likely, SHE hit him first and often, then thought she would get away with it.

    He got mad, and beat the crap out of her.

  • keshialee

    This woman must be guilty of something……. or she knows he’ll kill her a*s …. We just don’t know so… I feel sorry for both of them…


  • zero

    I guess he needed an opponent he could actually beat since Alistar Overeem raped him in his last fight.

  • zero

    …either that or she made a very large purchase.

  • Guest

    Well the State can get invovled with the kids reported statement of seeing violence.

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