Brooke Mueller Smoking Crack Again?

X17 Online photographed recent rehab graduate Brooke Mueller, who’s the primary caretaker for her and Charlie Sheen’s two kids, last Friday holding onto what seems like a homemade crack pipe.

Brooke, disheveled and wearing a baggy shirt, sweatpants and heels aka crackhead chic, took off running when she realized a photog was taking pictures of her. Which seems like totally normal behavior for someone not doing drugs.

TMZ notes that she was recently photographed in a shady transaction near a car in Hawaii and also photographed trying to pawn jewelery in LA.

LA County DCFC has not visited either Charlie Sheen or Brooke Mueller for six months. They may have to now that these pictures are out. Charlie and Brooke’s case file must be the size of the Oxford English Dictionary.

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10 years ago

For anyone who wants to do crack, just look at what she used to look like in the header pic, with the TMZ photos. On her to way to haggardville..

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