Good Luck With That, Charlie Sheen

As you may have read from your 24hr Charlie Sheen streaming news feed, Sheen is getting roasted on Comedy Central. And because Sheen is a self-obsessed jackass whose appetite for revenge is insatiable, the episode is airing on September 19, the same day as Ashton Kutcher’s debut episode of Two and a Half Men. A Comedy Central source tells Popeater, “If you think this is a coincidence then you are nuts.”

“This is Charlie getting the last laugh. He doesn’t care what they say about him at the roast as long as the show kills CBS in the ratings,” a friend of the actor’s tells me. “Charlie has a thick skin and can laugh at himself but if you hurt him, like he thinks Chuck Lorre did, then he doesn’t forget.”

Charlie is hoping a bunch of people making fun of him on a cable network will outdo the number one rated comedy on the national network known as CBS. Yea, tell me how that works out for you, Charlie Sheen. Not only is this guy a degenerate but he’s also delusional. The only last laugh he’ll have is a really uncomfortable one when he’s forced to howl at his own joke because no one else will.

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10 years ago

Who else will take on the dreaded net execs?  Embracing Sheen doesn’t mean you condone womanizing and drug use, it just means you acknowledge there is a problem with unaccountable net execs spreading sarcasm, dehumanizing negativity on a 24/7 basis.  Outstanding Citizen award for Charlie Sheen!

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