James Franco to Give Oral Sex

James Franco recently spoke to Playboy about the Gawker poll which voted him the most likely suspect in the gay rapist blind item Page Six posted a few years ago. He denied it calling the poll offensive and wanted the story removed. He eventually ignored it and it went away.

But now Franco is preparing for more controversy because he’s playing another gay character in a biopic (bi-pic?) he directed about poet Hart Crane. He gives oral sex in that one which will no doubt add more confetti to the gay paper-mache fire.

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10 years ago

So, I guess that means that every gay, male actor that has sex in a movie with a woman is really closeted straight?  So stupid.  He likes to push boundaries and he has said that he finds gay characters more interesting to play than straight ones.  It’s ACTING people, get over it.  He has said that he is not gay, so just accept it.

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