Jennifer Aniston Taking a Year Off From Acting

An insider tells Us Weekly that Jennifer Aniston won’t be subjecting us to any more of her romcoms for a while because she’s taking a year off from work. They say, “Jen’s taking a year off from work to enjoy herself.”

Another source confirms the report saying that after the release of Horrible Bosses and Wanderlust, the only thing on her plate is The Goree Girls, an old project from her production company. Oh and about The Goree Girls. Guess who’s touching up the script? Her new boyfriend. A source tells Us, “She’s impressed by his ability to find humor in dry material.”

*Looks around, hides one side of mouth from Jennifer Aniston, looks at random person standing beside him, points to Aniston, then says in a strained whisper: “I think she’s talking about herself.”*

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10 years ago

Please dont get knocked up by this douche#Natalie Portman

10 years ago

finally !!!
I never thought she would be gone, her boring movies, stupid movies, and boring personality are gonna be gone, thank god !
hopefully she’ll stay in hiding forever, that would be a tru blessing for the human kind !!!
can you take lady caca with you please ????

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