OctoMom Talks About Her Octuplets

Octomom Nadya Suleman made an appearance on the Today show this morning and brought along her eight kids that she wants dead. She talked to Ann Curry about barely making ends meet while her kids ran rampant around the studio. One of them even plowed through the backdrop and almost ended up on the street.

She also claimed she never told In Touch that she wishes she never had them and that she’s contemplated suicide. Nadya says she’s looking to sue In Touch for slander. Meanwhile, her kids are still going crazy and Nadya has to count them off to see if she got them all.

I’m getting fed up just watching this. If I was her, I’d think about killing them too. I mean, is there any way we can gift these kids away. You might never be invited back to another Christmas party but at least those damn monsters would be gone.

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