Paris Hilton Is Dating Todd Phillips?

Paris Hilton split from Cy Waits less than two weeks ago and now she’s been seen hanging out with Todd Phillips, 40. That would be Todd Phillips, director of The Hangover, Due Date and Old School. Wait? What?

The couple was recently spotted at the Roosevelt Hotel where they checked out David Arquette’s Beacher’s Madhouse which features a lap dancing midget. Whoa. Get a load of Mr. Bigshot director here on his fancy date.

At the performance, the two hooked up with Hilton’s little sister Nicky Hilton. The celebrity trio tucked into a private booth to avoid too many stares from the less-famous crowd and the pair could be seen making out throughout the evening. Earlier, Hilton and Phillips had stopped by the Chateau Marmont patio and had drinks with friends. [StarPulse]

This is way out of left field. Paris Hilton is a vapid whore who I assumed only dated young douchey guys that were stereotypically attractive or guys that could further her career… oh… never mind. I get it now. She wants a cameo in Hangover III doesn’t she?

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bone mo'
bone mo'
13 years ago

“I’m here for the gang bang”

13 years ago

D o u c h e. Net