Rache Uchitel Lost Her $10 Million

Tiger Woods paid Rachel Uchitel $10 million in hush money moments before she was going to hold a news conference telling the world about her affair. The settlement had a confidentiality agreement that kept Rachel from ever talking about Tiger again. Any violation of the agreement and Rachel would be forced to give back the money.

Hey, guess what happened? A few months ago, Tiger’s lawyer, Jay Lavely, called professional celebrity ambulance chaser Gloria Allred, who brokered the deal, claiming Rachel had violated the agreement by speaking with TMZ and going on Celebrity Rehab for love addiction though she never specifically mentioned Tiger.

Rachel didn’t believe she violated the agreement but Gloria convinced her that if they went to court, she would lose and that she should return whatever she had left of the money.

That’s what happened but as time passed, Rachel started believing Gloria had screwed her over by making a deal with Tiger’s lawyer. Gloria was to allegedly convince Rachel to give back the money and in return, Gloria would be paid all her attorney’s fees. Had Rachel gone to arbitration and lost, Gloria would not have been paid anything.

Rachel has since hired a malpractice lawyer to get Gloria to pay back whatever was left of the $10 million she gave back or get sued. Gloria told TMZ,

“Our law firm no longer represents Ms. Uchitel and we have no comment on this story at this time. However, we are confident that we have always acted appropriately and in her best interests.”

I don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for anyone here. I’m glad that fame whore lost her $10 million and I’m especially glad Gloria Allred might be sued. That ambulance chaser is annoying. Every time someone threatens to release a sex tape or go public with an affair, I swear Gloria’s ears start burning and she wakes up from deep sleep and starts salivating.

In related news, Rachel Uchitel banged Elin Nordegren’s current boyfriend while she was banging Tiger Woods. Also from TMZ,

We told you yesterday … Tiger Woods ex-wife is dating marketing exec Jamie Dingman, whose dad is a billionaire tycoon. But before Elin, sources tell TMZ Jamie and Rachel were an item — and there was a little bit of an overlap with Jamie and Tiger, but Jamie bowed out to the golfer.

In fact, when Rachael got serious with Tiger, Jamie joked with her, “That ok. I’ll date his wife, Elin.”

It would be funny if Jamie Dingman told Elin about this while they were having sex and he went, “Haha, small world, right?” before he finished on her.

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12 years ago

Her Kitty still works shes fine..

12 years ago

Her Kitty still works shes fine..