Snooki’s Diet Is Working

At the beginning of Jersey Shore, Snooki weighed only 100lbs but partying every day took a toll on her body and she ballooned up to the size of a hamster with food stuffed in its cheeks.

A few months ago, she said she hired a personal trainer and substituted long island ice teas and margaritas with vodka and seltzer.

Turns out the diet is working great. She’s getting twice as drunk with half the calories. She really is an inspiration. Look at her stumbling to the floor and spilling her basket of fries all over the ground last week. The old Snooki would have crawled on her hands and knees in tears trying to hoover up every fallen fry. Not the new Snooki though. No, new Snooki has a little something called self-respect.

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12 years ago

so shes a jersey shore girl.. your expecting her not to get drunk?