The Situation Might Have Quit ‘Jersey Shore’

First Vinny quit The Jersey Shore and now it may be Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. Photo agencies reported yesterday that Mike stormed off the set of The Jersey Shore and was heard saying “it’s over” before his friend drove him off.

While prancing through Jersey, a photog asked him, “Mike, are you splitting from the show or what bro?” There was no denial and when the photog wished him luck, Mike said, “I don’t need luck… I don’t need it.”

Sources say The Situation told producers he doesn’t need the show. But while he walked out of the house yesterday, he’s back in the house for now.

Oh gosh. If he leaves, how will MTV ever find another meat-head guido from Jersey to replace him with. Those guys are hard to come by. I hear only one is born every 10 years.

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