Vinny Moved Back to ‘Jersey Shore’ House

A week ago, Vinny Guadaginio stormed out of the Jersey Shore house after getting fed up and swore he’d never come back. Cast and crew were reportedly happy because he was a pain in the ass.

Looks like they’re going to have to suffer some more because Vinny is moving back in. On Saturday night, he and the cast went to dinner and then a club to bro-out and bro-bond. It worked, brosef! A few fist pumps and a long chat in the men’s room while applying bronzer each other later, they made amends and Vinny was seen carrying a bag of laundry back to the house.

Whew. And here I thought the guy from Jersey Shore that I’ve never heard of would have left for good. The needle on my give-a-sh*t meter almost moved.

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