Dianna Agron in Flaunt, Had a Nose Job

Dianna Agron of Glee was on The Late Show the other night and talked about being a mouth-breather for years before finally fixing her deviated septum (read: nose job). But it’s not like it was vanity surgery. She has a good excuse for it!

Dianna explained the first time she broke her nose was during a party freshman year in high school when a girl accidentally punched her in the face instead a guy. Years later, she went to a doctor who told her she had a horribly deviated septum and called her a mouth-breather. Aw, words hurt, you know. Dianna broke her nose a second time while turning too fast while dancing. She finally got it fixed and now her face isn’t all jacked up. Thank god, because she looked SO ugly before this.

In related news, Dianna ditched her good girl image, put on some dark makeup and did a shoot for Flaunt magazine.

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