Ellen Page Has Been Outed

A site called V-Generations allegedly claims (via ONTD) Ellen Page is in the closet. They’ve decided to “out” her because they don’t like the fact Ellen isn’t a fervent gay activist like all gay celebrities are supposed to be. And that makes them mad! Well, they explain it a bit differently in this long-winded rant but that’s the gist of it.

But where are the Hollywood actors? Don’t they always claim to be outspoken for good causes? Where are all the left wing, liberal artists speaking out for the oppressed gay minority? I tell you where they are. They are hiding in their closets making lucrative business deals like Ellen Page.

The comic book team the ‘X-MEN’ always served as a metaphor for an oppressed minority like gay people or Jews. ‘X-Men Generation Hope’ issue Nr. 9 deals with the ongoing problem of Gay-Teen suicide, inspired by the real events. Ironically, Page has become famous playing Kitty Pryde, a member of the X-MEN.

Page claims to “believe in truth” and to stand for what she believes in. But like many other actors she hides behind her lawyer and manager deep in the closet, while gay teenagers struggle to survive.

I think I gave Ellen Page a decent chance to come out with the truth. Two months ago, I mentioned her in my LGBT article and made it pretty clear what she had to do. (Yes, she knows about this site.)

I wrote:

“In times like these when young gay people commit suicide out of fear of rejection, role models are needed. The gravity of the situation doesn’t ask for passive hiding but active fighting. What will Ellen Page’s choice be?”

Last month she was seen with Clea DuVall in Montreal. I wasn’t sure if these pictures were staged and Ellen Page’s management called the paparazzi or not. Montreal isn’t really known to be a paparazzi hotspot. As some readers pointed out, the real reason for the paparazzi gathering in Montreal was the visitation of the Royals. So, no staged pictures. Page is still hiding.

I honestly have enough of this Hollywood nonsense. Using charities, NGOs or any good cause for personal business gains and an improved public image is despicable. Pretending to stand for something but ultimately running away from it is an act of cowardice and could be harmful for many.

Ellen Page believes in truth? Here is the truth. A reliable source, which (in parts) agrees with my standpoint, revealed to V-Generations some of Ellen Page’s relationships she had. Like with fellow actors Ben Foster, Mark Rendall or Slim Twig or her female lovers Drew Barrymore and Clea Du Vall. (Note: I haven’t included non-famous people. No need to drag them into the mess.)

Some or many people might criticize me for exposing her. Most will argue that it is her decision to come out on her own terms. I disagree. Ellen Page intentionally portrays herself as open-minded and honest person who stands for her believes. But her actions tell me that she is nothing more than just another Hollywood actor who is more concerned about a good public image and a good business deal. Because that’s what it is all about in Hollywood: Business. The business of making money. The same kind of money-making business that causes the Vanishing of Bees or funds Proposition 23.

People who pretend to be something they are not and using good causes for their own purpose are not the kind of people who should be admired. I know that Ellen Page’s situation is harmless compared to the debt crises, the Oslo incident or the Somalia drought. Unfortunately, she is not the only one in Hollywood who is a do-gooder hypocrite.

Gasp! Hollywood is all about public image and a good business deal? People care about money? I’m shocked. Just. Shocked. I thought actors entertained people out of the goodness of their hearts like court jesters.

Listen, if Ellen Page is gay, she can gay out all she wants. She doesn’t owe it to anyone to speak out on anything. So what if she doesn’t want her career to suffer by coming out. It’s her choice. Just like it’s my choice not to tell everyone I’m into autoerotic asphyxiation and burying hookers in my backyard. Wait, oops. Dammit!

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