Hulk Hogan Getting Into Midget Wrestling

Hulk Hogan has a new reality show. Thankfully, this time it’s not about Brooke Hogan’s tuck. This time it’s about midgets. Wrestling. It’s a reality show market that I’ve always said had long been overlooked. Who’s laughing now, guy at Starbucks who I thought was a network exec because he was wearing a suit? According to the truTV press release,

Hulk Hogan, one of the legendary stars of pro wrestling, believes you need to start small if you want to win big. Now he’s lending his expertise to the new Micro Championship Wrestling (MCW), where he provides little wrestlers with advice, guidance and training. With Hulk’s unique insight the wrestlers have the support of a legend and the chance of a lifetime. From the top of the ropes to inside the tour bus, this series takes viewers inside all of the insane action, conflict and drama that it takes to create a pro wrestling league from scratch.

The great thing about Hulk’s advice is it isn’t height specific. For example, he’ll teach them where to stick the needle full of steroids so no one will suspect (in the butt), how to cycle so they can beat drug tests and how to find a girlfriend that looks like your daughter.

I hope all the props in this show are miniature too from the mini-wrestling ring to the mini-steel chairs that they hit each other over the head with. It’ll be adorable!

Note: Brooke in a bikini was the first thing that came up when I searched for a picture of Hulk Hogan so that’s what you’re getting.

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