Jesse Eisenberg Cried Every Day

Jesse Eisenberg plays a pizza boy with a bomb strapped to his neck in the new comedy 30 Minutes or Less coming out Friday. He felt the best way to promote the film was to admit he cried every day in first grade. Seems logical.

On the movie’s real life inspiration: “The truth is, our movie is so different,” he says. “Yeah. I didn’t know there was a germ of a story attached to it. Um. I don’t think anybody did, except the writers.” [ed. note: more on that here]

On how he learned to be comfortable displaying emotions: “I cried every day of first grade in class, which meant I ended up getting comfortable emoting in a place where it wasn’t the norm.”

On what he’d be doing if he wasn’t acting: “I’d probably be a bike messenger if I weren’t doing this,” Eisenberg, who rode his bike to and from the set the day of the interview, jokes.

What Jesse failed to mention was that the only way he can emote now is to have a sixth grader pull down his pants. So, before filming any emotional scene, he has his 12-year-old intern prep him in his trailer. Yea, it seems a little sketchy, but he needs this. For his art.

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