Kristin Cavallari Fears Being Poor

According to Gatecrasher, ever since Jay Cutler dumped Kristin Cavallari, she’s been scrambling for money. Apparently marrying rich was her way out of the world of middling celebrity. Now she’s stuck in D-list purgatory.

According to a source familiar with the situation, Cavallari has been aggressively searching for new revenue streams in the form of endorsements, events and party hosting. After leaving the reality-TV game a few years ago, she’s also working on a new show — “all things she thought she never had to do again had Jay Cutler not dumped her,” says our source.

Strange considering the reason Jay dumped her was because she wouldn’t leave her career in LA. Turns out she never had one and was hoping her marriage to a guy who could net $50 million with the Chicago Bears would give her enough money to dick around in LA.

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