Lindsay Lohan Got Drunk Again

On Tuesday, news came out that Lindsay Lohan knew things were getting bad for Sam Ronson and even before Sam’s DUI arrest, Lindsay decided to minimize her contact because she felt Sam wouldn’t be a positive influence.

Apparently that plan isn’t quite working out because a witness tells Page Six that Lindsay got fall down drunk again at the Chateau Marmont. This was on Monday after her all-weekend party with Paris Hilton.

A witness told us, “She was in the bathroom and told her friend, ‘Oh, my God, do you think everyone saw me fall flat on my face? I hate myself.’ Then she stepped on my foot so hard.” The spy said Lohan, in a short, black romper suit and strappy heels with her hair in a bun, “looked wobbly, and on her way back to her table outside stumbled over again. The next time she got up, hotel security had to give her a hand.”

Her rep, probably Dina Lohan, said, “As usual, a pack of lies from people with nothing better to do with their lives than make up stories about a famous person.” I wonder if Lindsay’s rep even asks if these stories are true or just has a list of canned responses for every rumor. This one was probably pre-written from 2009.

And does anyone believe her rep? Either Lindsay’s balance is worse than a blind guy with an inner ear infection or she’s drinking again.

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