Lindsay Lohan’s People Begged Steven Soderbergh to Deny Casting Story

Steven Soderbergh’s upcoming project is titled Magic Mike which stars Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer and promises full frontal. Lindsay Lohan was a top pick to play one of the troublesome stripper girlfriends.

However, after meeting with her team for one second, he nixed the idea saying Lindsay wasn’t worth the trouble. How did Lindsay respond? Why, by calling Soderbergh and begging him to deny those reports.

“Her people called up, begging Steven to say it wasn’t true,” says a source thisclose to SS. “He said no.”

He said no to that request because it is true, of course.

In fact, we hear that Linds was S.S.’s top pick to play the part (he thought she’d be perfect for it), but after approaching the party gal (and her peeps, too) about a potential big screen comeback role, decided that it wasn’t worth the trouble. — E!

As E! mentions, Lindsay’s team is notoriously difficult to deal with. That’s because they still live in a world where Lindsay is a big star. Their demands could make even Mariah Carey guffaw. They’re like those Vietnamese soldiers living in the jungle who still think there’s a war going on. In a year or so, expect her team, which will consist of just an oblivious Dina Lohan, to be laughed at as soon as the words “we want” come out of their mouths.

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